Shtil di nakht iz oysgeshternt

Shtil di nakht iz oysgeshternt is a famous partisan song, with lyrics by Hirsh Glik to a famous Russian folk tune.
Lucette van den Berg turned this song into a choirpiece for a 4-part female choir and tuned glass. This is the second female choir piece in a cycle about courage and perseverance of a woman.
By using an 'orchestra' of glass as a 5th voice, which is played by the singers while singing, Lucette creates a magical atmosphere.
It shows the strength and at the same time the fragility of the young girl Vitka Kempner, a Jewish partisan who succeeded in ambushing a Nazi convoy. She symbolizes all women who in their own way stand powerfully for their beliefs.

Music: Lucette van den Berg
Text: Hirsch Glik
Video: LSD-projects