- Geannuleerd - Suvenir

Sunday @ 15:00

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands

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Oostelijke Handelskade 44
Amsterdam, NH 1019 BN
020 779 1575
020 779 1575

'Suvenir' is a warm and intimate program, in which Lucette van den Berg larges her beautiful Yiddish songs with stories and anecdotes about her life.
Lucette takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of life, on the road to growth and the deepest "being."
A warm, personal and intimate program, sometimes tranquil, sometimes hilarious and sometimes exciting.

About Lucette:
Lucette van den Berg opened Leeuwarden Friesland 2018, the cultural capital of Europe. Yiddish could be heard alongside Frisian in the streets of Leeuwarden. Lucette's beautiful, warm voice touches your soul and is heard by listeners all over the world. She has performed in New York and many countries in Europe, working with Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, Mikhoel Felsenbaum, Alan Bern, Rolinha Kross, Shura Lipovsky, Nynke Laverman, Kamal Hors, Klezmer Society and Trio C tot de Derde.