Jewish Wedding

Thursday @ 20:00

Leeuwarden, FR, Netherlands

The Jewish Wedding takes you to a special community, times gone by and stories of resilience, loss, love and hope. The performance starts at The Jewish School at the A.S. Levissonstraat. Through a short museum walk, the public gets acquainted with residents from the 1930s and is welcomed to an intimate performance in Zalen Schaaf. As a wedding guest you will be taken along in the stories about the newlyweds Barend and Mimi, and the Jewish community in Leeuwarden before and during WWII.

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Breedstraat 48
Leeuwarden, FR 8911 GJ
058 215 8005
058 215 8005

Participation in the theater performance of "The Young Republic under the direction of Silvia Andringa.