A shtim fun harts

Thursday @ 17:00

Lochem, GE, Netherlands

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Westerwal 6
Lochem, GE 7241 BC
0573 258 825
0573 258 825

A Shtim fun harts. Lucette van den Berg en Erik Raayman, gitaar

The Yiddish song program 'A shtim fun harts: Yiddish from heart to heart' is an ode to love and the resilience of the heart. In this harsh and changing world, a soft voice can be heard more and more clearly: the tender voice of the heart. As a troubadour of the Yiddish song, Lucette touches heart and soul with her warm, melodic soprano and striking lyrics. With her exuberant blonde hair, she is a wonderful appearance to watch and listen to. She brings a program full of passion, self-reflection and humor. Lucette sings modern Yiddish songs from her own hand, but also from Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, Mikhoel Felsenbaum, Alan Bern and others.