Back The summer is over. The sun is hiding and even the clouds are shedding tears over the summer days. It's time to get back to work. Do you want to know it honestly? I think it's dellicious! In the summer months I didn't really sit still. I calmly recharged myself for the new […]

Spring ! When the sun is shining and the leaves are peeking out the trees, I have more than ever the desire to go outside and celebrate spring. I also feel the desire for new things and new things to explore. And I’m happy to share some new things with you! In January I went […]

Yesterday I got invited by one of my dearest friends to come to the ‘Comic Festival’ in my hometown, wich she organizes. It’s a festival for comic lovers and a lot of comic writers and cartoonists give ‘acte de presence’. I have to admit: I’m not a comic fan, or a comic reader at all, […]

It’s july and we’ll almost of for our holidays. Just a few days, with some meetings, rehearsels and then I will be in France for some weeks. In this last week of work, I always have the need to reflect on the past year. And on this moment it fills me with gratitude. I had […]

The last time I updated my blog, it was cold and all the ponds were frozen.. Now it looks like spring finally arrives. And I can tell you: I’m really looking forward to that! On this moment I actually have no time for spring or sun. I’m very busy with the last texts, arrangements etc. […]

Winter decided to show her freezing side… No, I’m not complaining. As a girl living in Holland, I like cold winters, with snow and ice. But I never expected this temperatures. 17 degrees (celsius) below zero… In a few days the ponds were frozen and when the ice was thick enough the first daredevils started […]