Very much looking forward to ... A new program, new concerts. I have made a new program: SOLO. As the name suggests: all alone, in the simplest and most pure form. Singing and telling behind the piano. In the program I show my favorite songs. Sometimes because it sings so well, sometimes because of the lyrics, sometimes […]

'Solo' is an intimate song program about life, in which Lucette van den Berg sings Yiddish songs and plays the piano. Be surprised by overwhelming authenticity and the sucking power of personal lyrics and warm and intimate music. "Solo" is soft and direct at the same time ... Lucette takes you through various highs and lows in life. The […]

Sometimes things follow each other in rapid speed. That is apparently the case in 2018 with great projects! For the opening of Yiddish Waves Festival I started a great project together with Kamal Hors (Ud player). A project that is not only about beautiful music, but also about how you, in this contemporary society full of contradictions […]

Spring ! When the sun is shining and the leaves are peeking out the trees, I have more than ever the desire to go outside and celebrate spring. I also feel the desire for new things and new things to explore. And I’m happy to share some new things with you! In January I went […]