On November 6th, 2019 the EP ‘Afile’ (eng: Even) of Lucette van den Berg and Alan Bern is released. This EP contains songs that are written based on poems of four different Yiddish female poets from the period 1920-1970. Every song has a unique character and music style that fits the feeling of the [...]

Living in Amsterdam, means living in the most liberal and most cosy city in the world, where you share space with a lot of nationalities and tastes. I love wandering around in the city, look at people and pigeons… Amsterdam houses a lot of these birds, especially on our main square, the Dam. There are […]

“Es iz shoyn shpeyt” performed for the first time by Lucette van den Berg and the wonderful @Alexis Kune in a tropical Paris on Thursday 27/6/2019. Of course we were inspired by the arrangement of this song by “Brave Old Word” on the album “Bless the fire”. Thank you Alan Bern, Michael Alpert Stuart Brotman, Kurt Bjorling for creating […]

Spring is finally here! I love the sun, the warmth and the little flowers which peek out of the trees. My song “Di Waynshlbeymer blien” is a song about spring, happiness, hope and optimism. When you look around and you look very clear: “Everything is a song” Click on the link for the song. Enjoy […]