Press quotes

What the press says about Lucette!

'Lucette regards the fascinating world of sounds of the Yiddish song as her" roots ", and certainly possesses the talent to transport and delight the listener. Ever since the first song "Friling", she has kept the audience under the spell of her musical enchantment. '

'The power of her performance was experienced in the intense musical interaction with her audience'
Jos van der Wulp, Zwolse Courant

'Voice and violin melt into a symbiosis that gives you goose bumps.'
'Just by humming, Lucette brings the audience in ecstasy.'
'It must be wonderful dreaming, when Lucette sings 'Shteyt in feld a beymele' at your bedside'
Dick Laning, De Stentor

'What a lovely voice she has.....’ .
Jacques Klöters, De Sandwich

'The singer brings the songs with respect for the lyrics, modest, dreamy and skilled.'
'The Netherlands has another good Yiddish singer with whom we hope to hear a lot.'
Jan Waas, NIW

'Every song was a personal document, fragile, atmospheric, and breathtaking.'
Dick Laning

What a joy! Your interpretation of my songs, with that great voice are a real excellent combination’
Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman

‘Warm and expressive tempered her voice and her economical gestures, which in interaction with her guitarists had a captivating effect that impressed everyone present.’
Ahauser Zeitung