Balade funem 11tn September’

This Saturday, September 11th, it will be twenty years ago that two planes, hijacked by terrorists, pierced the twin towers.
I was pregnant with my son Lucas when this happened.
And I remember crying for 2 weeks, realizing in what a world my beautiful child would end up.
From that day on I decided to try to make this world a better place for all the beautiful children and human beings on this planet, regardless of their color, religion or place where they were born. In the years after, I started some projects like 'Mothers and daughters' and 'Karawansera', for mutual understanding. And I started singing yiddish. For my own comfort, connection with my ancestors and just because I think the world needs Yiddish .
Yiddish Forverts asked me to record the beautiful 'Balade funem 11tn September' by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman.
A great honor, because I knew Beyle very well and I love her and her music.
This heartbreaking balad can be found not only on the Yiddish Forverts page on Youtube, but also on Spotify.

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