The Jewish wedding - an impression

The Jewish Wedding premiered on Saturday 25 January 2020!
In addition to many invited guests and the press, the children of the wedding couple were also present.

For this show Lucette van den Berg has arranged all music. There are also two new compositions from her.

Acting, singing and dancing

It was a whole new experience for Lucette to bring music that served the theater piece. Auke Zeldenrust talks through the music.  Rabbi Jallo acts and dances with Rosanna ter Steege. Actress and illustrator with sand Elze van den Akker illustrates and supports the story. Because of all that talking, dancing and drawing, you no longer know where to look and sometimes you no longer notice the music. The piece starts cheerfully, because it is a wedding and we will know that too.

Lucette also performs in the play. Among other things, she plays the role of Judikje who has a candy store at the well.

After the wedding celebration, the story is told about how the bridal couple could flee and the fate of the Jewish population in Leeuwarden.

Lucette sings in Jiddish and in Dutch!

In a completely new composition, Lucette sings the first verse in Yiddish and then sings the following verses in Dutch. At the same time, a beautiful drawing is made.

All in all it has become a beautiful show that you must see. This is due to the inspiring leadership of Siliva Andringa. The photos were made by the scenographer Udo Thijssen . He has not only decorated the room in a fantastic way, but has also furnished the former Jewish quarter for a historic walk.

The reviews

The newspapers are also completely positive about the piece.

On 27 January 2020 the Leeuwarder Courant wrote about the Jewish Wedding of  De Jonge Republiek the following:

"Touching and beautiful, made with lots of love, dignity and integrity."


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