EP release – Afile

AMSTERDAM On November 6th, 2019 the EP ‘Afile’ (eng: Even) of Lucette van den Berg and Alan Bern is released. This EP contains songs that are written based on poems of four different Yiddish female poets from the period 1920-1970.

Every song has a unique character and music style that fits the feeling of the poem. Alan and Lucette show on this EP their broad musical interest. There are refences to Bach, the romantic music of Straus, a Hollywood tango and Klezmer on this EP.

Alan Bern 's earlier work for Itzhak Perlman and the klezmer group 'Brave Old World' you can already hear that he is a modernist with the tradition as a basis. On this EP he has abandoned the traditional style completely, but you can still hear the typical "Neshome" (the melancholic soul) in his compositions that is so typical for Yiddish music.

Lucette van den Berg performs in a compelling style, modern Yiddish songs. After her debut in the Yiddish world in 2005 and the release of new compositions of Beyle Schaechte -Gottesman in 2007, Lucette started with composing new work. First with Alan Bern and later with Mikhoel Felsenbaum and today she composes on her own.

On this EP you can hear the vocal talents and great reach of Lucette van den Berg. In all compositions Alan gratefully used the capabilities of her voice and the poetical power of Lucette.


1: Ikh Shtey In Der Mitogtsayt – Rokhl Korn

.. The piano intro of Alan takes you deep into this song about a woman in the mid of her life, ripe to be picked as the corn on the fields...


2: In Shpurn Fun Libshaft – Rivke Basman

…If we follow the footsteps of our love than we can climb mountains and conquer the seas and we can lose ourselves until the end of the world...


3: Afile – Rachel Fishman

...Even the clouds are not as thirsty as I am. Even the clouds are not as moist as my eyelashes. Even the rain doesn't disturb my dreams like you. Yes, I am awake...


4: Der Ershter Frilingstog – Sara Reisen

.. ...The spring came asking about you my dear. She was surprised not to see you. I didn't know what to answer...


Vocals: Lucette van den Berg

Piano: Alan Bern

Clarinet: Christian Dawid

Accordion: Sanne Möricke

This EP is a modern Jewish variant on the song cycle of Schuman, “Frauen, Liebe und Leben” From November 6 you can listen to these songs on all digital media.



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