Counting at the last days of the year

What a wonderful year, this has been.

I’m still a littlebit dizzy of all the things happened to me this year, but most of all I am grateful for all the wonderful things that happened and the all amazing people I met this year.

And sitting at home at my fireplace it’s time to count my blessings.
And I can tell you: I’m still counting…

This year I had such nice and warm concerts in Holland, France and Germany. I met wonderful, warm en enthousiastic people who believe in my way of singing yiddish songs.
For me the concerts in Deauville and Paris, for a yiddish speaking audience were highlights. But also working with Rabbi Avram Soetendorp for the leadershipscourse of Avicienna was amazing. Often I feel very lucky to meet such inspirering persons in my life and also be able to work and discuss life with them.
And what to think of the CD release concert, the 25th of november! More than 170 people came to celebrate the release with me and my musicians.

And this wonderful year is also the year of my new Album ‘Benkshaft’.
I feel blessed to have worked with wonderful musicians, who are not only superb in their craftmenship, but also good and longtime friends. You can hear it on my recordings. It’s warm, free and intense.
And how nice to have found a recordcompany who believes in my music and gave me all the space to make my album as personal as it became.

Yes… I’m a very happy and lightly feeling person at this moment.
And counting, counting, counting… All my blessings…

I wish all of you a wonderful end of this year and hopefully we’ll see each other somewhere around this globe.