So cold!

Winter decided to show her freezing side…
No, I’m not complaining. As a girl living in Holland, I like cold winters, with snow and ice. But I never expected this temperatures. 17 degrees (celsius) below zero…
In a few days the ponds were frozen and when the ice was thick enough the first daredevils started skating on the ponds.

Here in Holland, we have a crazy kind of behavior, when it’s freezing this way.
All we can think is: Elfstedentocht…. A skate tour of 200 km through Friesland and eleven city’s in one day. Now for that you have to be crazy or dutch, or both.

Yep, somehow the skating fever got me too… I bought new skates and also a pair of skates for my son, whom is 10 years old. Mummy will teach him skating. Whoehoe! I’m already preparing myself for the worst… But hey… it’s fun!

Meanwhile I also worked on some other things: I composed a new song (on a poem wich Mikhoel Felsenbaum wrote for me).
I still have to work on the chords and write down the exact melody, but it’s a very sad and nice song in my favorite key: C minor.

This past week I had also contact with some very nice venues in Enschede, Amsterdam and Dieren, where Reinout (my guitarplayer) and I will perform. Check out the calendar for the new dates!

A varemen grus,


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