A Toyb mit a Toyb

Living in Amsterdam, means living in the most liberal and most cosy city in the world, where you share space with a lot of nationalities and tastes. I love wandering around in the city, look at people and pigeons… Amsterdam houses a lot of these birds, especially on our main square, the Dam. There are thousands of pigeons, whining for some bread-crumbs or other food tourists bring with them. They’re so famous, that a lot of dutch songs are about the pigeons on the Dam… Not all Amsterdam residents are keen on these birds, but I like them. I love those little grey, human-friendly and tame pigeons. They remind me of a song I composed on the words of Mani Leyb. The two doves in this song are a reminder of love. And a solution for a love-poem that’s not written.
In Leyb’s poem, pigeons are seen as the messengers of love and a warm and homely feeling.

Enjoy the song!

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