A classical concert on the warmest day of the year

The first concert of the season was a very special one.
I sang classical reperoire of Bach, Mozart and Mendelssohn with to organplayers in my hometown.

It was a littlebit difficult to get my voice back in shape, right after my vacation in France, where I did nothing more than sitting in the sun and swimming a bit in the pool.
Time to work again! But this was very difficult considering the weather…
Boy it was hot! Our weather report reported that it were the hottest summerdays since 70 years or so… 35 degrees Celsius isn’t normal in Holland!
Even in the beautiful old Bovenkerk the temperature was 23 degrees Celsius.

You can imagine, that I didn’t know what to wear at this concert.
I selected two beautiful eveningdresses, but at the end I sang my concert in a summerdress…

Nevertheless the concert went very well. It was fun to work with two organs, Ab Weegenaar played the basso continuo part on the small organ and Willeke Smits played the obligate part on the ‘choir’ organ.

I hope to do this again. But hopefully with normal temperatures!

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