Summer break

It’s july and we’ll almost of for our holidays. Just a few days, with some meetings, rehearsels and then I will be in France for some weeks.
In this last week of work, I always have the need to reflect on the past year. And on this moment it fills me with gratitude.

I had a wonderful year, full of concerts, wonderful audience and more..

Some highlights?
Well let’s start with the recordings of my new album ‘Benkshaft’, with new songs of Mikhoel Felsenbaum and myself.
They were absolutely amazing and I can tell you now: Recording an album actually can be fun! The album will be out in october, so I still have to wait a little while, before I will have my album in my hands. But I can assure you: It’s an album full of colours and a reflection of my journey in live of the past years.
And then some amazing concerts, with amazing audience: In Enschede in the Synagoge, in Elburg, with princess Maxima as a guest, in Deauville and in Paris. How wonderful it is, to see that the audience appreciates yiddish songs and the way I present it.
I also coached two choirs past year. It’s wonderful to see how people react, learn and are inspired by music.
So my conclusion? I love my job! I really do!

See you after the break…

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