Busy but happy

The last time I updated my blog, it was cold and all the ponds were frozen..
Now it looks like spring finally arrives. And I can tell you: I’m really looking forward to that!

On this moment I actually have no time for spring or sun. I’m very busy with the last texts, arrangements etc. for my new (5th) solo CD.

Yes… that’s right. Next week I will record my 5th solo CD with new yiddish repertoire. It will contain music written by Mikhoel Felsenbaum and music written by myself. And it’s absolutely thrilling to me!
Tomorrow I will have the last rehearsal, with my amazing wonderful musicians.

And I’m happy that I also have so much concerts to do. This week I had a concert in Vught. Together with Rabbi Awram Soetendorp. On sunday I will perform in the Synagoge of Enschede (a city in Holland near to Germany). It’s seems that there will be a mixes audience with dutch and german people.
And next week another concert with Rabbi Soetendorp. I look forward to that too.

So, on this computer, sits a busy but happy singer. Happy to sing with such beautiful friends/ musicians and happy to have such nice audience! (and that’s what I try to remember every time when I’m tired of all the work I still have to do).


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