Working on my new website


It’s been a while, since I last updated my website…
I know, some of you must have thought: Is Lucette still singing? And when she does, where does she perform?

Well folks: I’m alive and kicking. Actually more then that: I’m working on some very interesting and inspiriring things!
As you can see in my calendar, I worked past years on so many things, which deepened my awareness for my way of making music. So far, so good.
With this new fresh start, I needed a new website, with a fresh new look.

On my new website you can find a fresh new calendar, a store, this blog, my video’s and ofcourse new photo’s, (the official photo’s are made in Switserland by the wonderful creative Abisha Photography on location) but also photo’s in more ‘musical’ settings and of me and my friends.

So, here it is. Please, take a look and let me know what you think!

I hope you like it.

And when you want an update about all my activities, just sign up at the widget, wich appears ‘left side’ on every page.

Hope to see you around!

A varemen grus,


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