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Fun day on a comic Festival

Yesterday I got invited by one of my dearest friends to come to the 'Comic Festival' in my hometown, wich she organizes.
It's a festival for comic lovers and a lot of comic writers and cartoonists give 'acte de presence'.

I have to admit: I'm not a comic fan, or a comic reader at all, I didn't know what to expect.
But since I have a very curious nature, I thought 'It can be fun, so let's give it a shot'.

The festival ran in the open air, in the city centre and the atmophere was really amazing. Nice weather, nice and friendly people and nice coffee..
What I didn't know, and what my friend kept secret for me, is that she asked some of the (famous dutch) cartoonists to draw me in comic style.

Well there I was, totally unprepaired and somewhat shy.. But they did an amazing job.

Since I think it's very good, not to be serious about myself all the time, I'll show you the cartoons.
One cartoon is me as a comic hero and the other is a little joke: it's me as Bianca Castafiore (Tintin of cartoonist Hergé) who sings the jewel aria all the time...


It was a very nice inspirering and relaxing day. Loved it!

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