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Yep... big news!

I signed a contract with the US based label Dot Time Records! 
Dot-Time Records is a new Jazz and World music label. The label releases feature exciting viruoso artists, both established and newley discovered from around the globe. The branding of the label can be found in the creativity, artistry, passion  and energy of these artists. 

The contract is for my new yiddish album, on wich new songs of Michael Felsenbaum and new compositions of myself will appear.

For me it's very exiting to have a international (worldwide) label, who presents my CD. And I'm very proud to be amongst such great other musicians and artists.

My new yiddish CD was recorded in april. It was about time to make a new  CD, but I'm very aware of the fact that a creative product conducts itself.

When I met Michael Felsenbaum and when he started to write beautiful lyric yiddish songs for me, I knew it was about time to think about a new CD. Later, much later, encouraged by my good friend and guitarplayer Reinout Vrijhoef I also decided that it was about time to record some songs of my own.
My new CD is about longing and friendship. Written by my dear friend Michael and recorded with wonderful musicians, whom also are good friends. I'm blessed. That's for sure.

This week, the artwork for the CD and booklet (also made by a wonderful designer and good friend) are ready for printing and next week the 'master' will be send to the CD factory.

Good times, exiting times..!

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